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The Move Process
In a quickly changing business world, the physical relocation of an organization from one facility to another is a situation most business owners will face. These moves/relocations require a high level of knowledge and experience to plan and implement.

Quality Install has years of experience in providing office move/relocation services. Our team is made up of professionals who are trained to handle virtually every type of office move/relocations. You can rely on Quality to meet your demands.

Quality Install has the expertise, services and crucial planning to assure a smooth and efficient move.

Quality Install is not your typical run of the mill moving company. Not only will we move your personnel and furniture, but will also disconnect and reassemble the furniture.

Quality Install's Moving Tips

  1. Labeling
    • Clearly mark all labels with your location number (see floor plans).
    • Labels should be placed on the end of the box (with the holes) as opposed to top or side. For easy viewing when stacked.
    • Any items not marked will not be moved.
    • Due to the non-permanent nature of the labels, final tagging of free standing furniture (chairs in particular) should not be placed until 2-3 days prior to the relocation.
    • Free standing furniture labels should be placed in as obvious location that will accept the label for a couple of days. When placing a label on free standing furniture, equipment, desk, bookcase, etc….bend under one corner-this will facilitate the removal process.
  2. Make sure to remove all items from bookcases, desks, wall units and shelves, and pack them securely in boxes.
  3. Empty the filing cabinets that are 4-5 drawers, if it's not possible to empty the filing cabinets then make sure that they are locked or securely fastened. Tape the key to the top of the filing cabinets.
  4. Make sure to move all personal possessions yourself - legal papers, money, checks, pictures, plants, crystals, and other. Movers will not assume any responsibility for those items. You can however ask them for advice on how to pack those items, or purchase any special containers.
  5. Empty your desks before the move. Pack all contents in boxes. Loose materials and small items should be sealed in plastic bags or envelopes and then put in boxes with other items.
  • Desk empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File cabinets cleared? If possible.
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • "Do Not Move" tags placed?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Desk pads and chair pads labeled?

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