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Since 1989, Quality Install, LLC has been providing complete, professional, and economical furniture installation and moving services. Below is a small sample of what our clients have to say about us.

I have been using Quality Install for almost 20 years. Honest, hard working, and enjoyable to work with, I can highly recommend this company for anyone looking for quality installations at a reasonable price.

Patrick Tobin
Chester L. Harvey Company

Quality Installís employees were wonderful. One of the best moves we have ever had!
Joan Snader
(This was a residential move)

Looks great! The Quality Install movers have been incredibly helpful and professional. We couldnít be happier!
Sondra Hornsey
Department of Psychiatry
Washington University School of Medicine

Brian & Mike
The storage room down on the lower level looks AMAZING!!!!!!

You all did a great job!
Thank you so much!

Good morning, Mary and Bryan,
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in our smooth move to Suite206.

Our managers were here on Friday and I let them know you did a Wonderful job! Thanks again!

Have a great Monday :)
Jane Riffel

To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to recommend Brian's Team and Quality Install to anyone or organization engaging in Installation or relocation associated work regardless of the size of the scope of the project.

I have worked with Quality Install for eighteen years in many capacities. They have handled as little as two workstations reconfigurations and as much as installation here of 4800 workstations.

Regardless of the work, Quality has represented their name with professionalism, responsiveness, accuracy and cost effectiveness. By far, I would say they are the best in the Midwest Region.
David J. Frazier

Ken and Mary,
Just wanted to thank you both for making the Time Share move into the new MOB a smooth process. The project assistants were impressed with your' courtesy, efficiency and thoroughness. We passed the Fire Inspection yesterday with flying colors thanks to your assistance.

Thank you for making the move a good experience.
Barbara McLaurine

Bryan, I would just like to tell you again how much I really like the guys you have working for you. They are not"afraid" to work, are really nice, "important" and helpful.

I will be sending those chairs back your way in a few weeks.

Wanted to share this with you, Bryan jumped all over this and took care of it.

Thanks for making this a priority and getting that office set up on Thursday with such short notice- this is why!!

Hey Susan
I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me Thursday. You will never know the stress you took away by setting up the office. I was finally able to have a decent weekend knowing I will have a place to talk with the parents in private. Thank you again and if I was there with you I would give you a big hug!!!!!!!

I even today had a most pleasant (as always) experience with Bryan.

He is always, helpful, patient, kind, excellent individual to have access to. He always goes out of his way to be available, and is very prompt, even when I forget!!

He is industrious, provides excellent solutions, to difficult problems, that we run into here at BJ. AND BELIEVE ME WE HAVE HAD PLENTY! Ask Bryan!

He can work out any situation out, with anyone. I have been requesting the services of the Quality Install Team, with Bryan's leadership, for a good number of years now and have never been disappointed. If something does not seem right they will do whatever they can to make it right. His team of guys are exceptional, as is Bryan. There is not a project I would feel they could not. Handle... They are careful, courteous, and clean. They always clean up, THEY WIPE DOWN ITEMS INSTALLED!! After they get done , they always ask if there is, "Anything else they can do," Are things the way you would like them?", or if there is, anything that may be coming up that they could assist with, and honestly I know that these "little" things are huge in people's eyes. People who notice. They always do another unbelievable thing, they ask me if it is ok if they go on their lunch breaks, or minute breaks (you know there are things we must do) lol! There are not many people who do that. Some installer's or 'hired laborers, just walk off. I do treat them very kind, and I know that makes a difference too, but you know I have seen "my guys" deal with so rude people here, and they are always very patient and professional, and respectful.

There are professional people that take care of me from the office side too, that again, are very helpful, and expeditious, in relaying anything from messages to getting me invoices, and paperwork I need for accountability. I think costs are less then you would find elsewhere, and would still not have the immediate response I have become accustomed to. It means so much to me in my job, at the pace we run here at this facility, that I know they are here mostly everyday, and I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT THEM HERE NEARLY EVERYDAY, things change here so fast and sometimes, I walk in, and find out I have to relocate someone, or an entire office, or just move a cabinet or two, go pick out some furniture, that someone gave up, but we can reuse because of the urgency of change!

I apologize for being long winded, but one thing I hope never changes, is that Quality Install is not here daily!!!

Val Heth

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